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What is the difference between multi-function high frequency electric knife and ordinary?

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  High frequency electric knife (high frequency operator) is a kind of replacing machinery scalpel tissue cutting electricity surgical instruments. It through the effective electrode tip of the high frequency high voltage electric current to heat organization when in contact with the body, achieve separation and coagulation of body tissue, thereby the purpose of cutting and bleeding.

  The high frequency electricity knife since 1920 is applied in clinical, has 70 years of history. It has experienced the spark plug discharge, high power tube, high power transistor - power MOS tube four generations more variable. With the popularization of computer technology, application, development, at present, high-performance single chip computer is widely used in the high frequency electricity knife machine control, implement the power waveform, voltage and current under the various functions of automatic adjustment, all kinds of safety indicators of detection, as well as the procedural control and fault detection and instructions. Thus greatly improve the security and reliability of the device itself, simplifies the doctor's operation process.

  At the same time, with the development of medical technology and clinical demands, complex electric surgical equipment is given priority to with high frequency operator is also have the corresponding development: high frequency argon knife, high frequency ultrasonic surgical systems, high frequency, high frequency electric cutting endoscopic treatment system cut off fat machine and other equipment, has achieved remarkable effect in the clinical. And then derived a variety of high-frequency operator special accessories (such as: double arc cutting shears, double arc cutting, electricity cut mirror roller vaporization electrode, etc.) for clinical surgery also opens up a wider range.



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