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Radio frequency electric knife and the points of the difference between the high frequency electricity knife?

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  Ordinary working frequency of high frequency electric knife around 500 KHZ, single stage high frequency current electrode through the operation in the operation, the human body and neutral plate back into the host, generally USES the neutral of the conductive plate; Bipolar operation in high frequency current through the two ends of the bipolar electric coagulation forceps and surgical site back into the action between hosts.

  The work frequency of the radio frequency electric knife in 2000 KHZ to 4500 KHZ, the skin effect of current is very strong, single stage surgery can be used in the insulation of neutral electrode current recycling, the body does not need to closely contact and neutral plate, can completely avoid plate burns etc; And ultra high frequency current is especially suitable for dermatological department of minimally invasive surgery, such as beauty, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ent, plastic, etc.



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